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fire - smoke - flavour

With a shared passion for food and a friendship of over ten years Sear Street Kitchen was formed in 2017 by  Joe Horner and Ryan O'Linn.

Sear Street Kitchen brings together Joe's farming background with Ryan's experience of cooking alongside highly trained chefs in restaurant kitchens. We aim to deliver an end product that will interest and intrigue people; leaving them with a long-lasting impression.   

Having always shared a passion for good food and produce we decided to draw upon flavours and techniques picked up from our ongoing search for dishes and styles that inspire us.

 Eating and learning has been a culinary journey leading us to this point. Whether it be a fiery curry on the streets of Thailand or local Lamb at a Michelin starred pub in Buckinghamshire; our obsession with food continues to grow.

 Intrigued? Find us at events throughout the UK or invite us along to cater for your party or event. Great ingredients cooked over live fire.

Follow the smoke and come and say hello!